Working in Canada

General Info



Age at time of emigration:24

Length of stay:2.5years to present

Location (area of country):Vancouver, Canada

Currently working in (country + discipline):Vancouver, Physiotherapist


Professional Life


1)How long ago did you go to Canada and how long after your graduation did you go?


2.5 years ago. One year after Graduation.

2)How did you find the process of preparing to work in Canada and did it take you long?


It is a long process. It took 1 year after graduation to get credentialed for Canada so had to wait 1 year post graduating to go to Canada. It then takes about a year to complete the exams. But you can work once you have registered for the written exams in some places on an interim PT licence

3)Were you able to choose to work in an area that interested you?



4)Did you find it easy to integrate into your work environment?




5)What differences, if any, did you find between working as a physio in Ireland and Canada?


The big difference was there is respiratory therapist here so physios don’t do as much resp PT. Also no rotations within hospital which means less mentoring you just start as  a Physiotherapist not as a junior.


5)What are the 3 best things about working in Canada?


Lots of job opportunities with good wages.

Lots of room for growth as a physiotherapist and physiotherapy courses

Friendly working environment.


6)What are the 3 worst things about working in Canada?


Difficult to say. Probably not the best mentoring within hospital work as you don’t go in as a Junior.

7)How many holiday days did you have per year, and do you think you had sufficient free-time to travel during the year?


Yes good vacation time wthin public sector. You start off with four weeks vacation. Private practice is obviously very different and unpaid.

8) Could you work with sports teams while living there? If so, what sport, and at what level of team?


Yes you could. Not sure what level I haven’t gone that route.

9) On returning to Ireland, would you feel Canada would help or hinder your search for a job, in a way that gaining experience in another country would not? Was it significant from the point of view of your CV.


The biggest thing would be you may lack the respiratory skills on returning to Ireland. Otherwise I didn't think it would hinder you. 


Personal Life


1)What part of the country did you live in?




2)How would you describe the weather in comparison to Ireland?


A lot nicer. Sunny sunny in the summer.


3)Would you recommend going over with friends or by yourself? 




4)What did you make of Canada’s culture when you first arrived?


Very friendly


5)Did you have a good social life while there?


Yes but different than Ireland.  Very outdoorsy  lifestyle.


6)What are the most popular past-times in Canada?


Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking, Hiking, ice Hockey, Soccer


7)In comparison with Ireland, is it expensive to live in Canada? What did you find was the most expensive aspect of living there?


Vancouver is very expensive especially housing.


8)What are the worst things about living in Canada?


There are no bad things.


9)What are the 3 best things about living in Canada?


Lifestyle, opportunities, outdoors.

10)Why did you return to Ireland?


I have not returned.



And finally, the big one


How would you rate your experience overall (both professionally and personally) in Canada, using the rating scale provided? 



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