Working in the UK

General Info


Age at time of emigration:20

Length of stay:5 yrs

Location (area of country):Manchester

Currently working in (country + discipline): England, Physiotherapy


Professional Life


1) How long ago did you go to England?

September 2008


2) How did you find the process of preparing to work in England?

Straightforward, as a result of doing my honours degree in Physiotherapy in Manchester I had a good insight into the prospects of work and the necessary pathway I needed to take in order to gain employment.


3)Were you able to choose to work in an area that interested you?

Yes, I was only interested in working in a private musculoskeletal setting as a physiotherapist and I obtained such a job following my first interview.


4)Did you find it easy to integrate into your work environment?

Yes, within our company there is a good professional development program in place. Extensive senior contact ensured good integration into the company.


5)What are the 3 best things about working in England?

Good lifestyle-always things to do, Making lots of Irish friends-Big Irish community in Manchester and we all seem to stick together, Playing sports


6) What are the 3 worst things about working in England?

Missing home, money is better in Ireland, the weather


7)How many holiday days did you have per year, and do you think you had sufficient free-time to travel during the year?

20 days not including bank holidays, I would have liked more time to travel, after 2 weeks away during the summer limited the amount of time I could get home throughout the year


8) Could you work with sports teams while living there? If so, what sport, and at what level of team?

Yes, there is always opportunities, usually Rugby is the best which would be at amateur level. If you intend on playing GAA/soccer like I do its impossible to do both- doing physio for a sports team takes up your weekends for games and evenings covering training sessions


9) Upon leaving, do you feel working in England helped or hindered your search for a job, in a way that gaining experience in another country would not? Was it significant from the point of view of your CV.

Gained great experience in a private setting whereby I would be confident in treating anyone from a child to an older adult with any injury. Doing external CPD courses are always readily available in England all of which has helped my CV


Personal Life


1) What part of the country did you live in?



2) How would you describe the weather in comparison to Ireland?

The same- crap!


3) Would you recommend going over with friends or by yourself? Why?

Over with friends, 4 of us went from college to study physio which made to transition alot easier. We all moved in together aswell straight away so it was nice knowing who we were moving in with


4) What did you make of England’s culture when you first arrived?

Its bigger, the cities massive. Very diverse lots of different nationalities. There is some really nice places that would remind you of home and then you could drive ten minutes and be in the ghetto. You learn about the place the longer your there and when you know where you should go makes things really easy.


5) Did you have a good social life while there?

Great, have made loads of friends for life. First thing you should do whether you play or not is join a gaa team. Football/hurling/camogie then your sorted you have a social network instantly. And the team all go out together after a game/training.


6) What are the most popular past-times in England?

GAA if your Irish, pub, going to the park, soccer, rugby, cinema.


7)  In comparison with Ireland, is it expensive to live in England? What did you find was the most expensive aspect of living there?

No its pretty similar, London is more expensive but Manchester is fine rent of £80 a month, a pint £3, a dinner out £10-15.


8) What are the worst things about living in England?

As above


9) What are the 3 best things about living in England?

 As above


10)  Why did you leave England?

Time for a change, here 5 yrs. England is a stopover/stepping stone for most people. People come and go really regularly. Move on to better pastures. We only come for the work in the first place. We usually leave if we can get a similar job at home or a better job somewhere else



And finally, the big one


How would you rate your experience overall (both professionally and personally) in America, using the rating scale provided? (I’ve been assured of its validity, reliability and appropriateness by my colleagues.)




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