Volunteering Abroad:


Volunteering outside Ireland, particularly in developing countries, can offer you a range of different experiences that will enhance your CV and help develop unique content that you will be confident talking about during an interview. Though variable depending on where you decide to volunteer, some commonly reported advantages of this type of physiotherapy work are listed below:




  • Experience areas of physio that you may not have before (eg. paediatrics, community, isolation wards).
  • Meet unique challenges such as limited access to key resources and equipment.
  • Develop unique skills, especially in the areas of communication, treatment and diagnosis.
  • Normally reasonable financial cost, particularly when compared with other CPD pathways and courses.
  • Great opportunity to conduct research, laying groundwork for further studies.
  • Also may write article outlining your experiences for publication in newsletters such as that of the ISCP, “First Hand”.
  • Opportunities to travel and engage with different cultures.
  • Leading and Responsible Roles (particularly in comparison with volunteering in ROI): Role of educator to fellow MDT members in highest standards of care, chance to update and influence hospital/clinic policy and services, oppotunitiy to initiate and lead a specific project for the duration of your stay.



  • Varying levels of resources and senior physiotherapist support
  • Challenge of adapting to different cultures in the healthcare setting and society.



If you’re thinking about a period of volunteer work abroad, remember that it equips you with unique and employer-valued experiences – both professional and personal.


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