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Brief description of the organisation: Outreach international (.co.uk) organise gap year and career break volunteer projects plus summer breaks in Mexico, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos. They are a profit organisation which organise placements for volunteers and ensure it is enjoyable. 


With Outreach International there are a variety of locations you can go to work as a Physiotherapist such as:






Galapagos Islands


Information about each site and what the work may involve is presented easily through this link: http://outreachinternational.co.uk/search_results.php?country=&placement_type=physiotherapy&volunteer_type=graduate&duration=99&search.x=26&search.y=21&code=


General costs: The costs may be a little bit more expensive, as some trips are included and their aim is to please. Discounts are available for 2 or more friends travelling together, or from the same college.



The Cambodia project is specifically and uniquely for physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The minimum stay is 3 months.

The cost for 3 months is 2250 pounds sterling which does not include  

meals or the local transport costs of travelling to your project.

They do include accommodation, airport pickup, a language course, a weekend or short trip away plus, travel insurance. 

International physiotherapists are need to support the patients and also to begin teaching skills to local people. The aim of the Cambodia project is to improve the theoretical and practical skills of the Cambodian physiotherapists. Teaching would be in English.

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