Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.
Capital: Canberra
Area: 7,692,024 km²
Population: 22.62 million
Government: Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy, Federal monarchy



The Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) 


Irish Chartered physiotherapists should contact the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) to have their qualifications assessed. The APC assesses the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas qualified physiotherapists seeking to qualify for General Registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.


The APC offers two separate assessments for candidates:

  • Three Part Assessment Process or
  • Assessment of Equivalence of Qualification


1. Three Part Assessment Process:


· Initial Assessment:

The Initial Assessment takes up to 2 weeks from the date the Australian Physiotherapy Council receives your correctly completed application form and all the required documents exactly as stated in the form.


· Written Examination:

The Written Examination is a multiple choice question examination about patient case scenarios to assess the knowledge, problem-solving and decision-making skills required for safe and competent practice of physiotherapy in the Australian context.


· Clinical Assessment:

If you are successful in the written examination, you will be issued with an APC Interim Certificate. The clinical assessment can only be completed in Australia. In the clinical assessment you are the treating physiotherapist for real patients in three separate clinical assessments: musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.


2. Assessment of Equivalence of Qualification


It is intended for candidates who hold qualifications that may be considered equivalent to an accredited Australian physiotherapy program. It is a one stage process that, if successful, a Certificate of Substantial Equivalence will be issued.




Three Part Assessment:

Part 1: Initial Component: $ 1,100.00

Part 2: Written Component: $ 1,900.00

Part 3: Clinical Component: $ 4,050.00. Each additional assessment: $ 1,350.00


Assessment of Equivalence of Qualification:

Assessment of Equivalence of Qualification: $ 2,200.00

Certificate of Equivalence: $ 1,500.00



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