Special Olympics

The types of opportunities the basic grade physiotherapist could expect to get involved in may include some of the following:


  • Volunteering in a local club
  • Volunteering as a coach
  • Volunteering for sports events and competitions
  • Volunteering for the Athlete Leadership Programme
  • Volunteering for fundraising
  • Volunteering as a tutor
  • Volunteering for e-learning
  • Volunteering as an administrator


Important Information


Prior to volunteering:


  • All volunteers are subject to police vetting procedures.
  • It may take up to 4 months for an application to be processed.
  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the Special Olympics Ireland Policies and Procedures which can be found online.

You can either sign up online or download the forms at http://www.specialolympics.ie/GETINVOLVED/VOLUNTEERS/VOLUNTEERNOW.aspx


After signing up it is necessary to complete online training. Before you do you must follow the link below and follow the online instructions. 


Please read the FAQs before registering for online training. If you have any queries regarding volunteering for the Special Olympics simply e-mail:volunteers@specialolympics.ie or visit http://www.specialolympics.ie/GETINVOLVED/VOLUNTEERS.aspx



Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics


Physiotherapy Society website pages provide a short description of the physiotherapy requirements for volunteering at the games. Also provides links to websites for additional information. For example: London 2012 games advertised their desire for Physiotherapists in the News and Events section of the www.csp.org.uk website up to two years prior to commencement of the games and had additional information/full details available at links such as www.london2012.com/volunteering.


Some sample requirements:


London 2012 requirements:

Minimum of 10 days work at the games.

Minimum of 3 years work experience by 2012.

Current first aid certificate.

4 years experience working in a games related discipline/musculoskeletal field Certified to the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine bronze level.

Selectors will favour those that have additional qualifications such as taping, massage and acupuncture, experience in volunteering of competitive or multi-sports environment, are flexible, work as part of an MDT and have additional skills such as fluent in foreign languages.

A CV and 100 word expression of interest should be sent in order to register.


Useful tips for newly qualified Physiotherapists:

  • Pay heed to volunteering in disability sports as a lot of these sports have minimal funding and contact a National body for a particular sport of your interest.
  • Research training programmes/competitions that do not have enough funding for Physiotherapists.


Rio de Janeiro 2016:

Resources- Notifications for applying as a Physio volunteer will be on the Brazilian Association of Physiotherapists website www.fisioterapiaatual.com

Not open for volunteer registration at present but a recruitment programme will be advertised through various media channels. Keep up to date with the site www.rio2016.com




Volunteer Ireland


Volunteer Ireland is a single national volunteering organisation for Ireland. The focus of Volunteer Working with their local Volunteer Centres, volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers, Volunteer Ireland is a powerful advocate for volunteering in Ireland.


To sign up, visit http://www.volunteer.ie/-volunteer-.html and follow the links for registering as a volunteer. When registering make sure you specify that you are an unemployed graduate physiotherapist looking for volunteering opportunities in the area of health/disability or any other area that interests you.

Volunteer for events such as the Dublin marathon. Furthermore, keep an eye out for notifications for volunteering for events such as the Dublin marathon or triathlons on the ISCP website.

Find something near you!

Get up to date with weekly events... 

All upcoming 2013 Irish sports events and contact details are available at http://www.discoverireland.com/us/ireland-things-to-see-and-do/whats-on/ by using the search for events finder. Chose “sporting events” in the event category and your preferred location.


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