Volunteering in Sports

Volunteering for different sports teams or clubs is a great idea. However, it is recommended that before you get involved you to partake in a sports traumatology course but this is not necessary. If there is already chartered physiotherapists involved try and get a foot in and at the very least shadow them once or twice a week at trainings and matches/competitions. Also if you are volunteering for sports teams as a basic grade ensure you have a fully equipped kit bag containing the following:


  • Tape- prowrap (3"), zinc oxide (1", 1.5"), elastoplast (1",2",3.5",5"), conform (2"), leukotape, electrical tape (5"), crepe bandage, medirip bandage, tear light (2", 3.5").
  • Dressings- Mepore, melolin, primapore, kaltostate, gauze, opsite, elastoplast/ band-aid, compeed (blister dressing), steristrips, sterile eye pad.
  • Sprays- skin tuffner, tape remover, coolant, opsite plastic skin.
  • Antiseptics- betadine, antiseptic savalon cream/liquid, betnesol eye/ear/nose drops.
  • Meds- malox plus, gaviscon liquid/tablets, indigestion tablets, optrex, sudocream, arnica capsules/ointment, tincture benzoin (Prior's balsam), adrenaline 1mg in 1ml, aspirin, solpadine, ammonia salts (smelling salts), oruvail gel.
  • Misc- vaseline, blunt-end scissors, tweezers, pliers, safety pins, moreskin, hydrogel (silicon pad), heel lifts, rubber gloves, plastic bags (ice), orthopaedic felt, tubigrip (size D and E), cotton wool, triangular bandage, sling, cervical collar, mouth guard, seatbelt.



Some Irish sporting opportunities:  


Senior County football/hurling  team (GAA)

Physiotherapists have a job description and responsibility statement which was recommended by the Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee.

Link for additional information- http://www.gaa.ie/medical-and-player-welfare/doctor-physio-resources/the-role-of-the-physiotherapist/


Inter County level requirements


Key qualities:

  •  Bsc in Physiotherapy
  •  Member of the ISCP
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Ability to work well in a team environment
  •  Good organisational skills
  •  Significant experience working in sports medicine



  • 5 years post registration experience in sports medicine
  • Higher  qualification in sports physiotherapy or sports science
  • More than 1 years experience working as a team physiotherapist to an underage county team
  • Computer competence to the level of ECDL


Medical indemnity-

  • Every Physiotherapist working with a team should check that they have appropriate cover.
  • Necessary to inform medical indemnifier everytime you travel outside the Republic of Ireland including Northern Ireland. The cover given is then limited to treatment and advice given to all management and panel members only.
  • Link for additional information on  indemnity insurance including explanations on what it is/the best approach for buying it- http://www.lifeinsurancefinder.com.au/insurance-types/business-insurance/professional-indemnity-insurance/


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