UCD 2012 Graduate

Sex: Female

Age: 22


1) Where are you working?

HSE Hospital


2) How long have you been working there?

6 months


3) Did you find it easy to integrate into your work environment?

It was challenging being the inexperienced member of staff . I felt like a student as I needed guidance on particular conditions 

4) What are the 3 best things about working in…

  • Getting acute hospital experience
  • Learning from more experienced staff
  • Having a caseload 


5) What are the 3 worst things about working in…

  • Pressure of decreased staff levels due to cut backs
  • It's daunting coming across conditions not seen before
  • Insecurity of short term contracts


6) Could you work with sports teams while there?

Outside of work its possible to cover sports team as a separate role to acute hospital role 


7) Competency questions asked in the interview?

No as it was a locum position and not an official HSE position 


8) Tips for interview

Background reading concerning organisation 

9) What were the main differences for you between working as a 4th year physio student and a newly qualified basic grade?

Having a full case load , dealing with family and mdt without a

supervisor, dealing with palliative patients and grieving families independently 


10) Some difficulties you may have faced when starting work as a basic grade?

Daunting dealing with palliative patients, confidence regarding making

decision if patient is not fit for discharge even though team want to

discharge them, suctioning on a ward where nurses don't routinely suction and physios are the main health care professional who suction


11) Tips for new graduates

Be confident in what you know, don't conceal from staff if you are not experienced with a particular condition





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