Interview with Private Practitioner

Sex: Male

Age at time of qualification: 28

Location: Cavan

Currently working in: Owner of Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Sports Rehabiitation Clinic.

1)When did you qualify?



2)Where did you study?

Trinity College Dublin


3)What were your initial steps upon leaving college with your Bsc in Physiotherapy?

Worked in Adelaide hospital.


4)Did you complete any postgraduate courses? If yes, what were they and why did you chose thos particualar ones?

Main postgraduate: Higher Diploma in Acupuncture.

Continued to attend multiple courses per annum. i.e. 2-4 specific to interests/needs at that time.


5)Did you always plan to work in this area of business/begin you own business?

Yes, I had a specific interest in Sports Medicine always.


6)Did you work in another private practice before starting your own?

Yes, Cathal Hands Physiotherapy Practice.


7)Did you feel you had enough experience before starting up your own practice?

In our profession, we can never have enough experience.


8)Did you find it easy to integrate into the private practice work environment?

Yes, extensive experience in outpatients is essential. I received a lot of guidance from my initial private manager and colleagues.


9)What are the differences in running your own practice and working in somebody elses?

Running your own practice involves a lot more work, stress and endless hours.Our undergraduate degree programme does not prepare you for many of the problems you face in running your own practice.


10)Do you work with sports teams along with the practice? If yes, what sport and at what level?

Yes, Senior Gaelic football 

       Inter county Gaelic Senior and U21 football.


11)What are the three best things about working in private practice?

Autonomy: a) work type

                 b) time

                 c) environment


12)What are the three worse thing about working in private practice?

1.Never ending workload. i.e. long hours

2.Financial vulnerability

3.Clinical isolation


13)Reflecting back, what do you think are the most important steps you took which aided your success as a Physiotherapist in private practice?

Postgraduate experience prior to entering the private field.


14)What are the most challenging aspects of the job you have?

Managing the wide variety of challenges in running a small physiotherapy practice- balancing clinical aspect, communication and finances.


15)If you were to give three pieces of information to a newly qualified physiotherpist wishing to set up their own practice, what would they be?

1.Significant postgraduate experience- qualifications.

2.Seek work in a number of other private clinics.

3.Find a potential clinical colleague.


16)Do you think volunteering work is beneficial for gaining the type of experience you need to work in private practice?

In this difficult economic climate whatever method that one can use to gain appropriate experience should be pursued.



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